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artisan specialty coffee

restaurant - office - espresso - at home


No coffee roaster can create coffee that is truly great for everyone so we look at the industry in a different way. It's not about us, its all about YOU. Everything we do at Fofcee centers around putting the perfect  bag of coffee on your kitchen counter or in your business.


We offer a small variety of blends and single origin coffees that we roast to the optimum taste profile. But coffee is very personal so we allow you to make changes based on your own personal preference. Like our Sumatra but want it a little lighter? Maybe a little darker? We can do that...


Tired of serving the same coffee as every other restaurant or espresso stand? Don't understand why your employees keep leaving the office to run to the coffee shop when you are spending a lot of money to have it in the break room? WE CAN HELP.


We want your coffee to tell a story to your customers or employees. Having a coffee that is only available at your location perfectly dialed in to match your menu can be a difference maker. Employees understanding where the coffee comes from, who roasted it and why it matters shows your staff you care, even about the little things.